The last time I did something out of my element. I joined a sorority. Yup. Awkward introvert say what? I did have a longer version of this typed out, but I realized for stylistic reasons that it was much more written for the reader than it was for myself. This blogging thing sure is weird. I totally just realized I could be an anonymous blogger on a website. I am DIGGING this anonymity!



So, here  in this space I call my blog, I claim it MY space. I (metaphorically) lift up my left leg and pee on the computer screen to claim it mine all mine!!! And yes, there will be the inevitable reader one day, but to the best of my abilities, I intend to keep this blog as unfiltered as possible. Of course I will try to edit to clarity’s sake, but I need this space…for my sanity. I am a person who has felt afraid of using her voice for too long and I refuse to allow this to happen again. In this space, I will be ruler and both King and Queen. No one can stop me muah haha.